Our tapas menu changes monthly along with a few surprise additions to the menu based on what’s been freshly delivered to the kitchen.

Our bar menu showcases an ever changing selection of beers and wines from around the world and closer to home, including some that are exclusive and hard to find!

Join us from 3 – 5 pm daily when we feature 5 menu items at only $5 each, plus $2 off pints


5 for $5

MENU (as of February 8)


Warm Olives  $6

Grilled Artichoke Dip  $9, Boursin cheese, fennel pollen, crostini

Black Truffle Gnocchi $12, Saffron bone broth, coddled egg, manchego

Anchovies  $6, Baquerone Spanish anchovies, parsley

Fried Cauliflower  $9, tahini, basil, Parmigiano, Sultana raisins

micro Poutine  $12, handcut fries, mushroom gravy, smoked oyster mushrooms, cheese curds

Prawn and Chicken Dumplings  $10,  bell pepper and mezcal aqua fresca, cilantro, chili

Prosciutto Meloni  $12, Prosciutto de Parma DOP, compressed melon, molasses bread, walnuts, mint

Beef Bordelaise $14,  smoked beef tongue, braised shallots, blue polenta, fresh herbs

Sticky Ribs  $15, Elk short ribs, soya, tamarind, tempura bits

Seared Scallop Escalivida  $12, pickled peppers, cashew cheese

Duck Wings $11, citrus honey, chili and garlic gremolata, scallions

Braised Boaris Bratwurst $9, apple cider and juniper braised cabbage, stone ground mustard

Octopus and Chickpeas  $18, fried panisse, 1/2 seared octopus, tomato ragu


Jon Crofts of Codfathers selects these just for us!

Fresh Oysters  $2.5/each, shucked fresh, served with mignonette, house made hot sauce, horseradish or fresh lemon


Jamon Iberico  $16/25 g, cured 16 months, acorn fed, hand carved to order

Beef Jerky  $8, air dried beef sirloin

Boaris Liver Paté  $6, home grown and house made

Chili Salami $7, mild Sicilian chilis

Duck Breast  $8, house cured in ChaiBaba tea blend

Housemade Terrine  $5, ever changing

Chefs Selection  $22, charcuterie board


Saint Andre Triple Cream $8, soft, cow’s milk, France

Vully Mont $8, firm, wine washed, cow’s milk, Switzerland

Tilsit  $6, semi-firm, cow’s milk, Germany

Blue Gouda $7,  semi-soft, organic cow’s milk, blue vein, Netherlands

Chefs Selection   $20, cheese board


Okanagan Grocery Artisan Loaf  $7, evoo, Italian balsamic

Crostini  $3

House made pickles  $4

Popcorn  $5, duck fat, rosemary, Maldon sea salt

Fries  $7, chipotle ketchup, roasted garlic aioli


Creative Serves – creative cocktails, simply served.

Boddington Mill  13

Hendricks Gin, Green Pepper Juice, Vanilla, Lime, Bittered Sling Cascade Celery Bitters, Pink Peppercorn

First Frost 10

Skyy Vodka, Hungarian Tokaji, Grape Lemon Oleo-Saccharum, Lemon

Scrappy Chappy  12

El Jimador Blanco, Grapefruit Shrub, Cardamom Winter Syrup, Lime, Scrappy’s Firewater Bitters

Shot in the Dark  13

Alberta Premium Dark Horse Rye, Amaro Nonino, Wayward ‘Depth Charge’ Espresso Liqueur, Fee Brothers Chocolate Bitters

The Hearth Cat  11

Capel Pisco, Honey Ginger, Lemon, Angostura Bitters, Mulled Port Wine


Throwbacks – a reminder of the past, done our way

Orchard 75 (French 75)  11

Broker’s London Dry Gin, Wayward Spiced Honey Krupnik, Apple Cinnamon, Lemon, Bubbles

Baller Bully (Boulevardier)  18

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon, Bitterhouse Rubato, Antico Formula Vermouth

Project Runway (Aviation)  12

Old Sam Rum, Giffard Creme de Violette, Okanagan Spirits Aquavitus, Sour Cherry Syrup, Lemon

Broken Nail (Rusty Nail)  13

Jura ‘Superstition’ Single Malt Scotch, El Tresillo Amontillado Sherry, Honey Ver Jus, Angostura Bitters, Sage

Dead of Winter (Negroni)  12

Los Siete Mezcal, Odd Society Bittersweet Vermouth, Aperol, Lemon, Agave